Abdominal Muscle Trainer

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 Smart Fitness Abdominal  Exerciser device is specifically designed for the abdominal area,

See results in 6 weeks and feel them in 1 day!!  with this ab and arms stimulation kit..
This is perfect for all fitness fanatics looking to tone and defy there abdomen. This works well at the gym, work, or sitting watching TV. 

Incorporate this with A Clean Diet to See maximum results. 

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Size: Medium
Application: Body


Material: Cotton, ABS
Model Number: Muscle Exerciser
Type: Smart Fitness Abdominal Exerciser
Function 1: Abdominal Exerciser
Function 2: Lower abdominal


Concentrated exercise of the abdominal muscles.

This Smart Fitness Abdominal  Exerciser device is specifically designed for the abdominal area, with 6 wings that fit perfectly to the abdominal muscles. EMS works directly on the abdominal muscles.



Rechargeable device—use anytime, anywhere.

Rechargeable device that does not require extra batteries. On a 5 hour charge it can now last up to 30 sessions. Can be worn comfortably and without effort anytime, anywhere.

* Usable for approximately 30 sessions when used at level 8, and approx. 9 sessions when used at level 20. (This applies when used at a room temperature of 20 ℃).

  • Thin, light, and cordless, designed to fit in your everyday life.

    Smart Fitness Abdominal Exerciser,s product concept is "Wearable Training Gear". Using a highly pliable soft silicone, it's 3mm thin in order to follow the curves of our body. This resulted in a design that closely fits with your everyday life.


     Smart Fitness Abdominal Exerciser evolves with IoT*1. More convenient, more fun with applications.

    Muscle training requires a commitment to continue exercising every day. For even more convenience and to ensure this irreplaceable continuity, Smart Fitness Abdominal Exerciser is now equipped with Bluetooth*2. By synchronizing Smart Fitness Abdominal Exerciser with the smartphone app, you can visualize your muscle training session from start to finish, and have an even more enjoyable training experience in the days that follow.Smart Fitness Abdominal Exerciser  has evolved to become a piece of training gear that you’ll want to continue using even more.


    Highly Conductive Gel Sheets for Smart Fitness Abdominal Exerciser products

    Specifically designed high-conductivity gel sheets achieve a reduction in electrical resistance. Electricity gets delivered to the body evenly and with high accuracy.



    Always make sure to use genuine gel sheets. If non-genuine gel sheets are used even once, the warranty will no longer apply to the product. Please note that we shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any problems that result from using anything other than genuine gel sheets.



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