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Unique because we believe that, at its best, the experience of shopping should be extraordinary, captivating and inspiring.

Shopping at its best is what we do best, from our famous head-turning online  displays tto the sheer range and quality of products online. Where else could you find the latest in computer technology, luxurious homewares, must-have luxury all under one roof?

That also means that there's no such thing as a typical AlishaLacie  person. From the Beauty range  to the Luxury Lights , the people that work with us - and the things that inspire them - are as diverse as the product ranges we sell.  people are of all backgrounds, cultures and ages. What unites them is their passion for Our products, and our  willingness to put that little bit extra into ensuring our customers enjoy the best possible service.

Every day, they make us what we are. Could you?
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