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Anti-Gravity Selfie Case

Sep 26, 2018 0 comments

Why Having an Anti-Gravity Selfie Case Is a Must if You Like Your Phone?


The Anti-Gravity Selfie Case can help you keep recipes at eye level by allowing you to stick your phone to your kitchen cabinets. It’s made with nano-suction technology on the back, which is pretty much just fancy-talk for thousands of tiny suctions cups, so you can reliably pop it with no fear of it falling down.



Oh, and this case is not just for foodies. You can use it to dock your phone by your computer while your work, to your bathroom mirror so you can watch YouTube tutorials while putting on your makeup, to equipment at the gym to record yourself doing squats, or to the tile above your bathtub so you can watch Netflix while enjoying a soothing soak. 



If you’re a social media influencer, you’ll love the The Anti-Gravity Selfie Case‘cause you can stick it to whatever’s in your vicinity to capture the best moments of your fabulous life, and it comes in eight different sizes, so it’s compatible with most of the popular phone models.



It can adhere to practically any flat, non-porous surface and if it happens to start losing its potent stick just run it under water, and it’s like new again. 


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